notes and thoughts on We Make Dolls

I think the book looks amazing and feels good too. There is a great range of projects including 3 needle-felted animals. I enjoyed reading the other artists’ bios and advise. I found it interesting to see similar advise from several different artists- for example that you don’t have to start with a whole new pattern for every new doll- work off of something that you know you like and have been successful with. Yes! One slight critique- the book mentions the international artists involved, but I couldn’t find anywhere in the book that mentions where the artists’ come from- that left me wondering!

About my section-

a confession- I am so self-conscious about what I said that I only finally read my section last night because I knew I was going to write this. I want to be sure you know, the tattooed man pattern that I did for this book is a modified pattern. It is smaller than the ones I make and sell. Also, the legs are cut and sewed as one piece. Here is a comparison-

I will admit it- I am a control freak about my work. It was really hard to let someone else take control of my patterns. I am hoping that people will be able to follow the directions and photo steps. It was nearly impossible for me to envision writing a pattern for any of my dolls that would end up being a 4 page spread. If you’ve bought any of my patterns you know I am more of a 20 page kind of explainer. The writer took what I wrote and rewrote it to fit the style of the book. That lead to a few odd directions such as to use spray glue as part of the process. I can adamantly say that I would never use spray glue on a doll or even in my studio. But, whatever, eh?!

The other pattern is a sweater baby. I used to make these and here and here are some photos in my flickr stream. I made 2 for the book, but they only included one- here they both are-

The pattern in the book is slightly smaller than my originals.

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7 thoughts on “notes and thoughts on We Make Dolls

  1. Well said Mimi ~ I’ve heard that from other authors on their patterns being rewritten. Love those little ‘Sweater Dolls’, they are so very sweet!

  2. I’m really excited about this book! I love getting to know other artists and seeing how they create and the variety of differences and similarities there are. I totally understand about wanting to control your designs. You did good, from what I can tell :)

  3. It looks like a wonderful book! I’m going to ask my library to buy a copy!

  4. I subscribe by email so I won’t miss an entry, but there is no place to comment there and the video didn’t come through. Glad to have two excuses to check out the original posting. I saw the book on City Quilter shelves and had patient husband check to see usage rights are for personal only. Easily distracted I forgot to get, but it is now in my cart for granddaughters and if I don’t win, I will read it first!! Congratulations. So much fun to share with many people and a memory treat and milestone for yourself!

    Duh! Just found the place to comment! Sorry, WordPress

  5. Mimi, Congrats on the book. Sorry to hear they modified some of your directions. That’s frustrating. Best wishes to you and your wonderful dolls!

  6. Hi, Mimi! I ordered the book– it just arrived in the mail today. Congratulations–your dolls look wonderful in it.

    I like this book even though there are revisions. It is nicely laid out and very attractive. It is graphically more like the Japanese books with lots of white space and great photos. Even if one doesn’t want to make a doll, the book is serious eye candy. It is a good value for the money since it includes patterns.

    Of the many books I own, I think this is one of the best I have seen of its type. (I agree about not posting where the artists are from.) I was happy to see you in it!

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