On my desk today

this morning-

and later in the afternoon-

Good thing I have a LOT of pins! This took me basically all day. I now have to sew everything down plus fancy them up with embroidery. I want to have them all done by the end of the week. We shall see.

Over the weekend my neighbor was clearing out some stuff. I grabbed (begged for) this box-

There is silk bias tape- I have never seen that before!

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8 thoughts on “On my desk today

  1. What heroic deeds these gentlemen must have committed to earn such opulent military decoration! What have their eyes seen and their hearts felt in their commanding experiences? Such rich, vivid stories, to be sure!

  2. silk bias? i’m amazed.

    just looking at all those details mimi…i’ll be cheering you on to finish them by weeks end. they are beautiful!

  3. Ooooooh these are really wonderful! Absolutely marvelous.
    They remind me of Sacha Baron Cohen at the Oscars. giggle

    ps: experiencing serious silk bias tape envy.

  4. I love seeing your work in progress. These gentlemen look fantastic. Good luck on getting them finished this week. And what an awesome score from your neighbor! Whoo hoo!

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