Give-away Time!

I mentioned it way back here. And it is now available here!

We Make Dolls is available! It has been more than a year since I sent in my contributions for this book- and now I have a copy in my hands. Two copies actually, so I am going to give one away. Add a comment to this post by Friday, June 1 (midnight eastern time) and I will use a random number generator to pick the winner. One entry per person and all that.

I love the promo poster-

There we all are!

Here is a video that shows all the projects-

I am going to write a separate post with my thoughts on the book. This one is getting way too long!

note- give-away is now closed.


135 thoughts on “Give-away Time!

  1. oooo, number 98, that can’t be good. congratulations mimi!! how fun to see your face there in print. i like that you modified your pattern…still able to share a bit of your art without giving away all the secrets. sounds fair to me.

  2. What a great book, congratulations! So many inspiring and talented doll makers in one place? Awesome!

  3. Oh, I love the look of this book! I’ve been away from dollmaking for a while and this looks like it would be full of inspiration! A copy would be a much loved addition to my craft library!!

  4. Your dolls are amazing Mimi ! Everytime I think you’ve made my favorite doll, another one appears, you out do yourself everytime !!

  5. Mimi, I love your dolls and I love knowing how things are made. Looking forward to seeing the book. Congratulations.

  6. congratulations! can’t wait to get this book in my hands (it will be mine one way or another hehe).

  7. Been following your site for a couple years now and love your work. Looking forward to seeing the Doll book

  8. Dear Mimi…I was so excited about your book…and though I am familiar with some of the other artists…I love it for your work…HOWEVER I never win anything …SO just to make sure I got a copy I bought it….and now am anixiously awaiting arrival…..your Robots are my current favorites and I enjoyed the blog of making them…I make story quilts which include characters etc so I identify with stopping and I often rework a design over and over…..Congratulations…my

  9. Hi, Would love to get the book ! I live in Turkey and the USD rate is too high :) But I will scrap and save and buy one !

  10. I love your work and am excited to take a look at this book. Winning is nice but owning it is better so I will be hunting for a copy, unless I am a very lucky girl.

  11. What a great looking book! I’ve really been enjoying your generals, especially the red head ;o)

  12. If I am not your lucky winner, I will be ordering this tomorrow. :) It’s already in my shopping cart. Thanks for the giveaway, I love your beautiful dolls! Angela

  13. perhaps I will be lucky last. I’d start making a tatooed man as soon as I could if I won a copy of the book. thanks for sharing. loving the generals too!

  14. Sweet! This is so exciting for you! And for the rest of us too ;) I hope I win this but if not it brings me a thrill to see your blog updates in my inbox to see what you are doing next! Congrats!!!!

  15. I’ve recently been the proud recipient of new nieces & nephews. I am planning doll gifts for each birthday and would love to use this book as a reference. Even if I don’t win it, I will probably buy it. :-)
    Love your dolls, Mimi.

  16. I love the tatooed man, and all your dolls. This is a ‘must have’ book!!

  17. What a distinguished looking crew. Your attention to detail is inspiring. Congrats on the book!

  18. I love the Generals!
    I have some wool for you- it’s tan, mottled blue. I washed the tan wool with blue wool and… now it nicely felted so I thought you might like it. I can drop it by your house or hold it hostage until we meet for coffee!

  19. You are so creative, I love your generals. I’ve always admired your work at DSD. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your drawing.

  20. Missed the give-away by a long shot, but own the book already. I bought it because I love your tatoo man. I’ll be proud if I get one completed, though I know its different than your orginals. They are all originals – that is the beauty, correct? I am very much a novice – and like to sew by pictures better than directions anyway, so don’t worry about the book format. I make very few dolls – always to give my sister, a lifetime “doll lover” – as gifts. Thank you for sharing.

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