the General (1)

Here is my new guy!

I have been designing him in my head for about a year now. Crazy, eh? Yep, it often takes that long between initial idea and something finally getting made.

You can’t see in the pics, but the pants not only have white stripes, there is also red stripes in that navy background.

I’ve got 3 more cut out and I will be making up some more of these very well decorated fellows.

19 thoughts on “the General (1)

  1. Love him!! All his decorations are wonderful……..
    But to swim with the fishes…on your wall, I’d think he would
    be an Admiral!! Maybe your NEXT guy! : )

  2. Wonderful! I am sitting up and saluting! Moustache/beard abundance is a joy. And the chestful of medals. Genius! P.S. I was reading recently in a garment history that epaulettes grew out of the shoulder decorations on the workman’s smock. Have you heard that? Interesting.

  3. Great mustache and beard ~ and this uniform is perfect! He could rule the world! I’m always so surprised at how BIG your dolls are! He could rule the world!

  4. Oh, I love him. I can kind of see the red stripes in his pants, but yes, they are hard to see in the photo. I too have ideas like that which don’t get done until a long time later. I’m so glad he finally came to life. The details on him are incredible. All those different decoration awards and medals. Wonderful job!

  5. He’s splendiferous! I wonder what little banana republic he comes from. ;-) All your men are wonderful.

  6. Those medals look like tons of work! He looks great and I’m glad to note that I’m not the only one who walks away from the dishwasher leaving it open for someone to come and bang a shin on!

  7. Mimi, he is beautiful. Thanks for linking your flickr as well. I started making my hats 20 years ago. Before I made me first hat for a Sinterclaus gift I made a doll. It was too much of myself for this person at the restaurant and so I made him a hat and I never looked back. My love for dolls has never stopped. Maybe one day when I do not make a living from my hats I will be able to make a few more dolls.

    Sending you much love in your most beautiful creating and gifts of yourself to the world. Gwendolyne

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