making patterns

I am working away at pattern-making and it is using up all my words. So, no blogging and no tweeting and no facebook.

This is the “basic baby”. I’m working on some embellished versions.

And the dog.

So many steps to think about. And lastly the fox but no pictures yet. Pattern making is very difficult- I used to think just for me but after being on twitter with other people who do this, I know it is hard for everyone. I am stressed out by the technical end of putting it all together because everything I’ve used before (old photoshop and indesign) will not work on my new computer. If I upgrade (expensive for something I rarely use) there will be the re-learning how to use it. All that is swirling in my head as I work on the directions, the photos and the diagrams. I will get it all worked out but in the mean time I will make myself crazy. Now, back to work!

5 thoughts on “making patterns

  1. Happy New Year Mimi! I know what you mean about the learning new technology. I had to upgrade my computer & have not been able to purchase all the old software I used to have, so am making do. The prospect of having to install & learn new stuff is daunting for an old brain like mine, however I don’t want to be left in the dark ages so I will have to listen to Nike and “Just do it!” Good luck with the patterns, looking forward to them. Wishing I could meet you in person & take a class someday. : ) xo

  2. Now we know why you’ve been so quiet. I understand how you feel like all your words are used up. Writing directions and explaining what you do intuitively is a major challenge, too. And the keeping up with technology part is impossible! Sometimes I think that we humans are being pushed to the max to adapt to a push button world, when we want and need is to manipulate real materials in our hands. Your finished directions, pattern, etc. will look great when it’s done and then you can get back to creating!

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