the dolls of 2012

Turns out it was the year of the fox for me. I made 25 foxes-

I made 18 men-

and 18 Women and girls.

12 fish, 7 owls,

3 kitties, 3 babies and 12 dogs.

I also made 14 pincushions including one for me!

This total is down from the last 2 years which make me kind of sad. Ah well. Today starts another year. Happy New Year 2013! Hope it is a good one for you!

15 thoughts on “the dolls of 2012

  1. I love seeing all your work like this. The foxes look especially sweet with all their orange ears standing out. It’s hard to believe your production is down…you’ve taken on some other wonderful projects this year…that sure takes time.

    Happy New Year friend!! So happy you are in my life. xx

  2. Am about to purchase your tiny world pattern, after buying a vintage cup and saucer, and I’m just curious…which one did you make for yourself??
    I have one I bought from you and I love it.
    Your body of work is awesome!

  3. I always love seeing your year in review and am, as usual, in awe of your creativity and productivity. I especially enjoy it this year because one of those fabulous foxes is home with me and quite happy in her new digs in my dining room where she hangs out with my swaddled babies. Happy New Year, Mimi!

  4. Such productivity!! My ‘makes’ for 2012 are mere crumbs compared to your beautiful dolls. I especially like the wildlife dolls … foxes & owls! Good luck to you in 2013 :)

  5. Hi Mimi
    Your red tutu tattooed lady safely reached her destination and is very much appreciated! Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

  6. wow what an incredible accomplishment in one year alone! i know you say your numbers are down which makes you sad however i see an incredible amount of quality and beautiful work for just one year. you are very inspiring! happy 2013

  7. Wow, I LOVE your foxes!! My 11-week-old son Abel’s middle name is Fox, (after his uncle Todd), so I have started a collection…. I am drooling over these! Incredible work!

  8. I came across your work at SF Renegade (I think it was last summer? Wow has it been that long), and just wanted to stop by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and I absolutely admire your work. I really wanted to stay at your booth at Renegade and stare at your handiwork for hours and hours, but couldn’t since I was towing a boyfriend :) Once my projects simmer down, I’m interested in purchasing one of your patterns….

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