grey owl

I took this picture a few days ago, before the blizzard which we are in the midst of right now. I started this owl in my owl class as a sample and finished him up last week. He is stuffed with “slippery” stuffing and is very squeezable (huggable?). We used this type of stuffing for all the classes and I learned some useful things about it. Firstly, it is much easier to stuff a large open space- like the owl or the baby- with this type of stuffing. It seems to expand to fill the space. And, when making the dogs and foxes, they come out fatter. Here is a photo-

The left fox is stuffed with “dry” stuffing, the right with “slippery”.

Anyway, back to the owl.

That’s the view from the top showing the fuzzy edged hood.

4 thoughts on “grey owl

  1. Lovely, smart-looking owl :) I like that fringe detail … just like real feathers! Thanks for the tip on the slippery stuffing, I’d like to check that out for my own stuffed creations. Wendy

  2. You’ve made me look at my stuffing in a new light, thanks! I’ve always thought of the slippery stuff as good quality and the dry as being cheap. It never occurred to me that the slippery stuff puffed out more but now you’ve mentioned it, it really does. Now to take advantage of the bags and bags stashed away in basement that I bought by accident when looking for slippery stuff. there has definitely been occasions when I didn’t want a puff ball.

  3. I buy the Buffalo Snow stuff when it comes out at Christmas. Recommended by dollmaker Judy Ward as excellent “hard pack” type stuffing and it is (but I get the regular plain stuff not the stuff with sparkles LOL,and after Christmas I can find it for 75% off..). I always tried to avoid the slippery stuff but I guess for these types of softies it would be good (I was making the mohair bears).

  4. I also bought the Buffalo Snow after Christmas- until this year. I would buy it online when it went on sale. But this year, it never went on sale online. Imagine my surprise when I stopped into a store and found one lone bag, poked full of holes, in the deep discount section. I kicked myself for not stopping in earlier!

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