New Baby- pattern that is.

The pattern is being launched on the same day as my first real baby was launched into this world. Happy Birthday Eleanor!

The pattern is available in my Etsy shop here and also my newly opened Craftsy pattern shop. The plus of Craftsy is that the pattern is sent immediately- ie, I don’t have to send out the email. That is great if you are in a very different time zone than me and are in a hurry.

5 thoughts on “New Baby- pattern that is.

  1. Love them, behind the tattooed ladies these are my favourite things you make. Might have to make one of these for my baby.

  2. Mimi, I just bought and downloaded your wonderful Swaddled Baby pattern from Crafty and already tried to print it twice – not getting the type in English, but in garbled letters (don’t know that much about computers!). Everything was like that in the 1st print, then a mixture in the 2nd print. Could you check to see if anyone else is having that problem. I don’t want to print again (paper or ink) until I know the problem is corrected. I downloaded the design, saved it, then printed. Thanks for your help.
    Charmaine Pollingue

  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Why don’t you send me your PDF file and I’ll try to print it out. We’ll know quickly if it is my computer or a problem with Crafty. Everything looks good on the file, but prints out differently.


  4. I am just TOO excited to have a copy of this new pattern in my sweaty mitts! Just the way to take one’s mind off a dreary, chilly February. Thank you, Mimi, can’t wait to get started.

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