not a lumberjack

I thought he was going to be a lumberjack. I cut him out and sewed him up thinking he’d be a lumberjack. But, I sat back and took a good look at him and decided he just wasn’t. I posted this pic in various places and asked people who he was. I got loads of great answers and in the best of all possible worlds, I would have made ALL the things people suggested- a poet, a psych professor, a fisherman, a barista, a bounty hunter, a boxer, hipster, and musician.

5:11:hipster2Well, you know I do love making felt musical instruments.

5:11:hipster1So he is a hipster musician and who knows what else. I made him a banjo and a ukulele.

5:11:hipster5And a messenger bag with 2 books and 2 pencils. So we can add artist, writer, and/or composer.

5:11:hipster65:11:hipster3He has a red cashmere scarf. Here he is with all his stuff.

5:11:hipster45:11:hipster7What a guy! I love when a doll I am working on rebels and I have to go in an entirely new direction!

7 thoughts on “not a lumberjack

  1. Oh yes,

    He’s wonderful as “Not a lumberjack!” Don’t you wonder sometimes about where your creations will ultimately end up? Somebody out there needed “Not a lumberjack” to show all the possibilities they could be. Ah, the possibilities and the road maybe taken.

  2. Love him! Such a creative soul – glad you let him be who he really wanted to be.

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