Lumberjack 5- back to classic

5:13:lumberjack5aIf you go to google and look at images of lumberjacks, they are almost all red plaid shirt, dark color jeans, beard, axe. This look is pretty standard and so much fun with his tattoos!

5:13:lumberjack5bHe has curly hair and beard made from black wool chenille fabric. His tattoos are George Washington in toile.

5:13:lumberjack5c5:13:lumberjack5g5:13:lumberjack5f5:13:lumberjack5eBelt and buckle above, boots below.

5:13:lumberjack5d5:13:lumberjack5hI am working on getting all my current finished pieces into my etsy shop.

4 thoughts on “Lumberjack 5- back to classic

  1. Love the open-down-to-there shirt, and his fluffy beard! I will seriously be quite sad if I never get to own one of your masterpieces.

  2. I am a fibre artist that is new to doll making. I’m quite enamoured with your lumberjack. As the monte python song said, “Leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia,” I am from an area that is closely tied to forestry. He’s quite a depiction of an icon from my area. Thank-you for sharing and inspiring me.

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