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Thank you so much to everyone who clicked through the links, way back on this post, and bought books on Amazon. As a result, I had a little pile of Amazon $ and I bought some new craft books to review! Actually, I went to choose some books and the next thing I knew, I had a long list of books- far too many for my budget. Luckily I was able to order some of them up from the library. And then I had an avalanche of books because of course they all come at once! It is a very good problem to have. I will be sharing in the next few weeks because it is really fun!

The first book is Lisa Solomon’s Knot Thread Stitch: Exploring Creativity through Embroidery and Mixed Media

She is going to be one of the teachers at Art Camp so I really wanted to check out her book. I was very interested to see that it was full of unusual embroidery projects- including machine embroidery and printmaking! It is a very interesting combination of solid instructions to learn embroidery techniques with some super cool and unusual projects. I can not wait to meet her in August!

There will be more about the books soon but now, back to the dogs. I made some dogs in January as I was working on patterns and getting ready for my guest artist gig at Gather Here. I never put them in my shop because somehow… well, I just didn’t. So I spent a little more time with them. There is this fellow back in January and now-

6:13:whitedog 1with a shirt collar and french knot buttons. It’s not much but he looks finished now.

6:13:whitedog 2And this fellow hardly got a mention back in January. I am liking him much better with his cashmere scarf and hat.

6:13:beigedog 1Yes, I LOVE the hat!

6:13:beigedog 2Okay, that is 6 dogs so far and there are lots more to come!

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  1. I like all the dogs! I have one of your dogs with a hat & scarf, he looks so jaunty with his accessories! Love him!! :)

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