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I want to get to my normal posting over here.


It is hard though because the Cody Foster fiasco is continuing to roll itself out. I have now seen the catalog for the 2013 season and found 3 items that were copied from my designs. That negates any argument that any one individually might not have come from my designs, eh? I also saw items copied from some of my craft-biz friends. It breaks my heart. I still don’t know how I’m going to go forward with this. It takes a toll no matter what direction I go. Among other things, the haters have come out who think that anyone can copy anyone, fair game. And they yell really loud. Sigh.


Instead I want to tell you some happy news. Here is my secret. Lean in close and I’ll whisper…


I’m doing a sale with OneKingsLane in November!!! Some of these things I’ve been posting that haven’t shown up in my Etsy shop- that’s why! I will be posting more info as it gets closer but I am so excited!


I am trying to focus on the good stuff. Moving forward here…

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  1. Oh, how exciting about your good news!

    I also wonder about a class action lawsuit since so many artists were stolen from…I am also heartbroken and feeling protective of you.

    I love this new tattooed man!

  2. Mimi…we love our tatoo man but he is very sad and lonely. I think he is looking for a mate….is the tatoo lady in her bikini available?

    Good news for you….don’t let the turkeys get you down,..keep your eyes on the goal and move past it. It is not worth it…take it from one who has been in your shoes.



  3. Congrats on the good news! It is wise to focus on the positive in life, there are so many negatives waiting to bring us down. So, onward & upward! I am only bummed that OneKingsLane does not ship to Canada! :( However I wish you much success in this endeavour! Plus I did see dogs on the Land of Nod website! Way to go there too!! :)

  4. Oh Mimi! I am so sorry you have been caught up in this Cody Foster rip off as well. I do think a class action lawsuit may be the thing. They are horrid especially when they call them “their” designs…

  5. I think this may be my all time favorite tattooed man. Seriously perfect toile.

    I am sad to hear you’re having to deal with idiots who have no respect for intellectual property or common decency for that matter. I stopped by a couple of my favorite local gift shops this weekend to see if they order from cf. One has in the past, but has not in the last couple years because of the blatant design theft. The other has never ordered stating the quality was so poor overall.

    Congratulations on your good news too. That is awesome exposure!

  6. I love love love the toile you chose for this fellow! Best wishes for a very successful sale in November :-)

  7. I love your new guy! So sad the copyright issues continue. I was sharing your story with my husband and he feels you need to do a class action lawsuit against them. He isn’t an attorney, but works in the legal industry and knows several awesome copyright attorneys who would probably take your case. They have done cases against those who have copied other toy makers and won.

  8. The haters seem to be very loud all over the internets these days. I’m sorry this fiasco is not calming down for you Mimi. I’m sure your sale will be awesome !

  9. So sorry you’ve been having to deal with this unpleasantness. You’ve put so much happiness in the world, the haters have to yell extra loud just to be heard. And no one’s listening to them, so I hope you can ignore them as well. Your work continues to shine! Keep it up.

  10. Joining One King’s Lane after this note of encouragement to you. Cherish the respect from your followers. We know the cheap and unscrupulous ways of the cheats in this world. Sadly, there is no way to protect yourself these days. True in business, true in life. However, your admirers stand tall and hold you in high regard.

  11. No matter what, the insanely well crafted work with hugely clever ideas you come up with can never be touched by the copyists.
    Go get them if you are inclined, but we, your widely flung fan base will always know the real McMimis.

  12. I’ve noticed trends of “disrespect” for originality in many areas. I’m sorry that someone has stolen your ideas and designs. I love your dolls – they have heart and soul. The copies are just empty shells.

  13. Hello Mimi, your latest dolls are, as always, simply wonderful and extremely attractive. I am glad to read your good news.

    A note on copying: I too have had my work ‘hacked/copied/reproduced without consent’. My embroidery brooch designs have been reproduced, most likely in a factory, and turned up for sale in Spain and maybe elsewhere…. I would never have guessed this would happen, with my work being so distinctive. But I move on and continue, knowing the copies are very much inferior and no one with integrity would want one – all best wishes, Cathy.

  14. Hey Mimi,
    I want to jump on the bandwagon of other people who are suggesting you join with other artists to share a lawyer. Many probably work on a contingency basis where their earnings are a portion of your profits if you win, so you aren’t responsible for any fees yourself. You’ve got a rare advantage knowing the identities of other people whose ideas have been stolen – making for a stronger group of plaintiffs and a stronger pile of evidence. It may feel like litigation would prolong the bitter feelings, but the nice part is the lawyer does all the work and you can sleep at night knowing someone’s fighting that battle for you! At any rate, it’s just so infuriating, and I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with it!

  15. I’m so sorry to hear about this mess. It really upsets me because I thought people were “getting it” in regard to artisans and their unique offerings. I guess that’s a long row to hoe. Please know the quiet ones are here too and support you – and appreciate and love your style. It will always be yours and nobody can take that away from you.

  16. The placement of the ship is absolutely divine!!
    Don’t worry too much about the haters. There is, unfortunately, a lot of uneducated and ignorant people in the world. Someone made the mistake of allowing them to access the internet and they seem to take great joy in displaying to the world just how ignorant they are. It’s hard to take someone’s opinion seriously when it’s so clearly not based on facts, reality or basic common sense. Intelligent people know the difference between plagiarism and inspiration.

  17. Really sorry to hear about the Cody Foster mess, how horrible! :( It’s happening to entirely too many honest makers.

    Stay strong and keep making your beautiful things regardless of what happens. You are a true craft maker and I love your products.

    Thanks for sharing on your blog, all the best for the future.

  18. ooohhhh what a hunk, your tattooed man is gorgeous, but then all your work is amazing.
    I’m so sorry to read about the copying going on from that company, it’s horrible. I had some work copied myself a few years ago by another crafter (who lives reasonably near me) and although it wasn’t on the same scale as what has happened to you, it was really upsetting as she was so unpleasant about it. Fingers crossed you are able to get it sorted so that they stop doing this.
    I hope your November sale goes amazingly well and please give your tattooed man a little squeeze from me as I think I’ve fallen in love x

  19. I love your work and am passionately opposed to anyone who would rip you off. Especially since you so generously share. I made a doll using your free purl soho doll pattern and i have made some owls with your very lovely reasonanly priced etsy owl pattern. I have no solution. Just thought i would add my three cents.

  20. Hi Mimi
    I was so sorry to read about what Cody Foster have done. I know how energy sapping, stomach churning and down right upsetting such blatant copying can be and you do not deserve to feel that way. In a perfect world hugely talented and creative artists like you would have a way of preventing their original work from such exploitation, I hope you can find a way. Til then take heart, find joy in the small places and don’t let them take your peace of mind along with your designs. Love and bestest good wishes, Julie x

  21. Just found your blog, and I think it’s one I’ll keep coming back to as I really enjoy your style in your dolls. As an artist myself, I’m definitely an ally to other artists who are getting ripped off, so I do hope this blows over and all goes well. To my knowledge this hasn’t happened to me but I imagine it’s frustrating.

  22. Mimi, I have long been an admirer of your oh so unique work and the path you have forged for yourself. It is all an inspiration to me. I send love and faith that you will overcome these present difficulties.
    And like everyone else is saying there is nothing, NOTHING, to compare with your beautiful originals.

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