new fellow for 2014

He looked pretty chilly when I took him outside for his photos. I almost wanted to make him a sweater but that would cover up all his lovely tats.

1:25:tattooedman 1b

1:25:tattooedman 1c

1:25:tattooedman 1e

I can spend way too much time picking out a button for a doll. It is so hard to pick just the right one.

1:25:tattooedman 1d

Close-up of the hair fabric-

1:25:tattooedman 1f

1:25:tattooedman 1a

3 thoughts on “new fellow for 2014

  1. I love your guy dolls, they are by far the coolest I’ve seen, and they are rare to begin with. Any chance you would sell a pattern for one of your male dolls with some tips on how you do the hair, beards, ears, other cool details? I inherited some great cloth scraps and making some dolls would be fun, purely for myself and not for resale. I’ve been bookmarking the pics of your dolls for a while and finally figured I should just ask you;)

  2. He’s wonderful! I’ve been following you on Instagram lately and am loving seeing your works in progress and some of the behind the scenes stuff. It really inspires me and makes my day!
    If he’s cold you could always knit him a small vest! He looks pretty tough though. Maybe the cold doesn’t bother him!

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