woodland fox

I know ALL foxes ought to be woodland foxes but this one is especially so.

4:20:woodland fox 1

She has an embroidered felt vest. It closes with laces. I didn’t take it off and show the dress because the dress top is plain and the laces are fussy to get just right.

4:20:woodland fox 2

4:20:woodland fox 3

I love this spiderweb-by knit shawl. Perfect for her.

4:20:woodland fox

In her basket-

4:20:woodland fox 6

And without her shawl on-

4:20:woodland fox 7

4:20:woodland fox 5

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  1. I have commented on your work before, but I had to leave another. I love looking at your blog in the morning before I start my day. I just love your attention to detail. And I have to look at each one, because they really seem to have their own personality. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for sharing with all of us! Continued success!

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