Good Mail Day

I have some postcards in a show at the Artstream Gallery in New Hampshire. I called them stitched doodles. They are all approximately 4″ x 6″.

11:8:postcard 1

11:8:postcard 2

11:8:postcard 3

11:8:postcard 4

If you are interested in any of them, they are available here. There are lots of other amazing little gems of art available from artists around the world. Check it out!

This was the one that didn’t get sent because I needed to pick out 4 from the five I made.

11:8:postcard 5

2 thoughts on “Good Mail Day

  1. Oh! I love these! I’m considering doing an embroidery project next year … and every time I think “maybe not … ” I see something as cool as this and it re-inspires me. :)

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