finally something 2015!

So, I finally finished something. My work mantra, when I’m feeling discombobulated is, Just Do Something. I was having a hard time listening to myself. Which is not a good thing- I always feel better about everything when I am making. So, Phew!

3 fish-

1:22:fish 1

1:22:fish 3

1:22:fish 2

1:22:fish 4

1:22:fish 5

The first 3 dolls of 2015!

2 thoughts on “finally something 2015!

  1. I love your work and share your mantra! (I can always comfort my mind by keeping my hands busy)

    A few years ago I even channeled your style in a pillowcase contest

    Of course my “Lydia, the tattoo lady” will never compete against your beauties, but when trying to work her out she gave me a lot to focus on.

    Peace, love, chocolate!

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