fox girl in green

I got one of the fox girls finished!

5:27:fox 1a

She has a knitted lace collar- I bought the lace when I went to the Vintage Textile Show at the beginning of the month. Hurray for buying and then actually using versus hoarding, which is very easy for me to do. She has some flowers in her paw.

5:27:fox 1b

5:27:fox 1c

5:27:fox 1d

5:27:fox 1e

And, the stuff in her purse-

5:27:fox 1f

I am sorry that the photo doesn’t show the little button which is an antique black glass butterfly button.

2 thoughts on “fox girl in green

  1. Oh she is just lovely! My favorite so far and that’s saying something. All of your foxes are just delightful.

  2. Just love this one, Mimi! The contrast of the orange fox and her beautiful green clothes is wonderful.

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