Green Man


I love the idea of the Green Man. I’ve played around with the idea before with these green man tikis. I know that lots of people will look at him and think, Jolly Green Giant, but no, he’s a green man and I am sticking to that!



I loved using this variegated pearl cotton for embroidering his belt and I even found a leaf button! I used more of the variegated thread for his boot laces.




7 thoughts on “Green Man

  1. He’s lovely. He just happens to be green and he wears it well. I love the way he rocks the hot Mr. Green Jeans vibe. If you think of him in a pagan kinda way, I like that the foliage growing out of him is his beard and not his mouth or ears. “Jolly Green” always made me think of the Green Man when I was a kid. I thought he was using the frozen veg people for distribution as people started to forget where food came from.

  2. I am in LOVE with this (and his new tattooed friend). Someone shared your photos with me on Facebook just now, so I’m regretfully unfamiliar with your work. Do you make these available for sale?

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