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My desk has been covered with Tiny World pincushion parts and materials for the last week or so. Unfortunately, I had to leave that all behind on Tuesday to go to Connecticut because my Mom died. When someone is 100 and has not recognized me for years, I guess dying can never be called unexpected, and yet, wow, all the feelings and processing. And getting out of my little nest/comfort zone/studio, into a whirlwind of family and decision making. Goodbye Mom ♥

5-18-tiny world 1 2 3 - 1 (3)

I’ll be posting what I had finished and photographed right before I left on Tuesday.

5-18-tiny world 1 2 3 - 1

5-18-tiny world 1 2 3 - 1 (1)

5-18-tiny world 1 2 3 - 1 (2)

13 thoughts on “life news and tiny worlds

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. The older we get the more complicated our families become. I love your work and can’t wait to see more tiny worlds :)

  2. I am reallly sorry for your loss.We are never prepared for this,happened with my mother the same, not recognizing me for her 4last years,even though i know how hard is to lose our mom,really sorry for you.I hope you stay well,your beautifull art will help you to get through.

  3. My sincere sympathy in your mom’s passing. Take care and we will look forward to your return.

  4. No matter the age or situation it is a very sad time when your mother dies. I always love it when you make a note like “that plaid was from my mum’s stash” – I believe your mum would love that too.
    May she rest in peace.

  5. Oh I am so sorry. I don’t think you’re ever really ready to lose your mother. As I told mine, whom I also lost, she could be 147 years old and it would still be too soon.

  6. Mimi- As you noted, even when we are waiting for our moms to die, the actual death is a surprise. I miss my mother every day, as I am sure your miss your mother– your mother: the woman who loved you. xo, Ellen

  7. So very sorry for your loss. Take time to grieve-though it really never stops.

  8. Mimi, I am so sorry for your loss. The older I get the more I wish dearly I could just once again hug my grandparents or share a laugh with my father or brother. I hope that your fondest memories can help ease your sadness at this time.

  9. So sorry to hear of your mom’s death – regardless of how expected it is, it still jolts and jars us, doesn’t it.

  10. Your posts on IG had me thinking this is what was going on. Really, all I can do is send you virtual hugs and comfort, Mimi. Know that folks all over the world are holding thoughts of you close to our hearts. Be gentle with yourself, friend. xo

  11. Dear Mimi,
    I am so sorry to hear you have lost your mom. It’s tough to see a parent loose their memory too. May you hold onto all the good memories, and let them continue to inspire the beautiful art you make! Your latest owls and tiny worlds are gorgeous!!

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