Big Man Merman

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1

A new merman with skeletons. This month has been a lot of men with skeleton tattoos!

I got a new IPhone last weekend and am blown away by the amazing camera. I took photos with the phone and also with my Canon EOS Rebel and the phone pics were so much better. So, some of these photos were taken with the new phone and someĀ  with my SLR.

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (1)

And here is the back side of his hair-

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (4)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (5)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (2)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (3)

10-27-tattoo man 8 - 1 (6)

btw- this is #100 doll of 2017!


3 thoughts on “Big Man Merman

  1. I’d go fishing if I had half a chance to catch this sweet man. Love the way you use the fabrics, and the extra details on the ricrac. Admire your work so much.

  2. 100 dolls made in only 10 months! Do you ever sleep? I love your terrific selection of toile fabric. I am beginning to think you must make it yourself as I have looked and looked all over the internet and found nothing of the quality & vaiety you have! Thanks for showing us all your makes, you are so inspiring.

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