Red Tail Merman

I am having fun trying out all these different color combinations.

His hair is a dark purple-red cross-hatch. And he has grey-green eyes.

Most of the decorative kanji on his arms runs down along the sides.

He has a fish button- I have had this button forever, like maybe 40 years! I have finally found the perfect use for it.

Dark Merman, Skeleton tattoos

I am really excited about working with this African wax print fabric. I need to learn more about it. This piece (which was gifted to me) has a slightly shiny surface, even after washing. I will be keeping my eye out for other patterns that would work with my designs.

I REALLY struggled with his hair. I tried out 3 other colors/patterns before settling on this orange-peachy color. And when I say tried, I mean I cut out the hair and beard, sewed up the beard, pinned it all on his head… then decided I didn’t like it! And his hair style-

I wanted to do something with 2 “braids” but it took a lot of fiddling. Of course that is always the way when figuring out something new.

Merman 2

This merman fellow is more blue-green than his friend yesterday. He has stormy sea green eyes.

More ships and a button that looks like sea glass. A port scene on his back and an embroidered rick rack belt.

Blue Merman 3

3-8-blue man 3 - 1

Are you tired of these mermen yet? I have one more left to finish before I am on to the next thing. But honestly, these have been really fun!

3-8-blue man 3 - 2

Yep, purple beard and hair.

3-8-blue man 3 - 4

And how do you like that topknot/man bun.

3-8-blue man 3 - 3

3-8-blue man 3 - 5

3-8-blue man 3 - 6

3-8-blue man 3 - 7

And here he is, hanging out at his birthplace.

3-8-blue man 3 - 1 (1)

Blond Merman

3-6-golden merman - 1

When I was dyeing up the fabric pieces for these mermen, I had the idea that I wanted to make a golden one. When I searched through the colors, I choose one that was labeled caramel. And I did get caramel. But I was still thinking about golden: hence the blond hair. He ended up completely different from what I’d been aiming for at the start but I love who he became. It is always a surprise.

3-6-golden merman - 2

3-6-golden merman - 3

Picking out a button is always a very big decision!

3-6-golden merman - 4

3-6-golden merman - 1 (1)

3-6-golden merman - 5

3-6-golden merman - 6

Very big, Big Merman

3-5-big merman - 1

Yes, he is a very big fellow. This is a link to another big man merman that I made a while back. You may notice that this new merman has a longer tail. When I cut out the tail pieces, I adjusted the proportions of the tail to match the slimmer guys, not really thinking about how his torso is longer. So he’s ended up about 2 inches longer than any of the other mermen. Oh well!

3-5-big merman - 2

Also, he is made of linen which is a little stretchier when stuffed so that helped him grow.

3-5-big merman - 3

3-5-big merman - 4

3-5-big merman - 5

3-5-big merman - 6

3-5-big merman - 7

I have listed 2 of the other mermen into my etsy shop today but I’m going to hold off on this one. I need to figure out if I’ve got a box that he would fit into for shipping!

Merman + Vintage Laura Ashley

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 1

I have a seemingly endless store of fabric, spanning so many years of collecting. This merman tail is made of vintage Laura Ashley fabric, circa 1970’s. My sister lived in Montreal in the 70’s and could buy bags of off-cuts which she gifted to me- thanks Tina! I still have some of it in my stash and it shows up every once in a while.

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 2

More hair styling-

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 1

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 4

The button looks like sea glass.

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 5

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 6

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 7

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 9