Last Merman, Best Hair

I am very excited about this hair! I am sure I will be playing with this kind of thing some more. This fellow- all around awesome! Let’s start with his hair. Front-

and back-

And his gorgeous tattoos-

A sea glass button and a crocheted belt of variegated threads.

A Purple Merman!

I am really going wild with these mermen! It is so much fun making imaginary beings.

Deciding on the thread colors for his face was a challenge- Lilac purple eyes, green eyebrows.

There is actually a print on the body fabric but the purple is so saturated that you can hardly see it.

Merman #4

He is browner than the above picture shows. I hope it is clearer in the other photos.

An epic nautical battle on his chest and arms, and a beaded belt.

Here is a close-up of the back of his hair-

Another Blue Merman

There is going to be 3 blue ones in all, in case you were wondering. That was how many were in my already sewed up pile and need to be finished.

When I started working on this fellow, I was thinking he looked like a fancy Miami Beach Merman with his floral tail and coral-patterned ferns. I tried out some pinky-purple hair but it just wasn’t working for me. In the end, I choose some icy-green and it turned him into a much more serious fellow. He is is obviously from the warmer climes!

His tail is made of vintage (mid-70’s?) Laura Ashley fabric. And yes, I have had the fabric in my stash since it was new!

My photos were not showing the tail as blue-green so I tried to adjust to make it more accurate. This is a little better?