Merman with Dreams of Horses

Horses and tentacles- I’m not really sure how they go together.

He has a dark peach or tan skin color.

I probably need to take another photo of his skeleton tattoos’ head. The skull isn’t showing.

He has silver rickrack and a button with a horseman going the other way. Both of the belt components have a personal history. Anytime I use some metallic rickrack, it comes from costume making for my kids when they were little. So probably at least 30 years old. The button is reclaimed from a poncho my Mom made me when I was 12. It makes me happy to give them new life.

Skeleton Lady on his back.

I figured a pool photo was the perfect place for a Merman.

It’s time for some mermen!

Merman Time. Introduce a purple merman.

He has a wavy beard,

a skeleton horseman on his chest,

and a very fancy belt with gold rickrack and aqua crystal beads.

He is lounging in the Palm Court. That is what this little area is called but no palms to be seen!

I’ve got 4 mermen to post in the next few days. Here is a preview-

Fire Hot Merman

Look at me! I’m making some new things! It is still going slowly and will continue like that for a while because we will be closing on a new home soon and then there is all of that to deal with.

This is a Fire Merman- what?? you say?! I’ve read about places in the ocean called hydrothermal vents. They are underwater volcanically active areas and all kind of strange creature live near them. This fine fellow fits right in.

I wanted to make his hair look like flames.

He has an antique glass button, black with some gold “waves”.

A close-up of the back of his hair-

And hanging out in the backyard…

The last dolls of 2022

Happy New Year!!! I’m not sure how many new pieces there will be in 2023 since I will be packing up my studio and setting up a new one somewhere. But, these are the last 2 of 2022- one that I forgot to post and the other that I finished yesterday.

Yesterdays doll is this dark purple merman.

It is hard to tell in the photos but the tentacles are printed with silver dots and the gold color “leaves” are also metallic.

Also, more hair/horn/dreadlocks… I spend so much time fussing over the hair details and then they hardly show!

And one last fish; a 3/4 size one-

and a comparison to my regular fish-

Okay, now I am really done with 2022!