Last Doll of the Year

This is the last merman and the last doll of 2021. My etsy shop will be closed for shipped items from 12/21 to 1/1/2022.

This hair fabric has always looked like kelp to me so perfect for a merman’s hair.

He has another one of the bone buttons.

Last Merman, Best Hair

I am very excited about this hair! I am sure I will be playing with this kind of thing some more. This fellow- all around awesome! Let’s start with his hair. Front-

and back-

And his gorgeous tattoos-

A sea glass button and a crocheted belt of variegated threads.

A Purple Merman!

I am really going wild with these mermen! It is so much fun making imaginary beings.

Deciding on the thread colors for his face was a challenge- Lilac purple eyes, green eyebrows.

There is actually a print on the body fabric but the purple is so saturated that you can hardly see it.