Lumberjack #6

One more to go after this fellow!

He is pretty classic with his red and black shirt.

10-3-lumberjack 6 - 1

10-3-lumberjack 6 - 1 (1)

10-3-lumberjack 6 - 1 (2)

In this photo, you can see the faux-persian lamb texture of his hair. This wool fabric was from my mom’s fabric collection. I remember that it was from a coat she made- I disassembled it to save the usable parts. She used the fabric as a very subtle and classy extra zing on the pockets and collar of a black cashmere coat. I use it for lumberjack hair. In the way of how my mom bought fabric, I also have a white piece of the same fabric that she never cut into. I haven’t found anything to use it for yet either but I’m sure I will someday.

10-3-lumberjack 6 - 1 (3)

10-3-lumberjack 6 - 1 (5)


10-3-lumberjack 6 - 1 (4)

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  1. You could use your Mom’s white fabric for Santa’s hair. I bet you’d make a fabulous old-fashioned Santa man!

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