2017 what-I-made review!

I went through all the photos today. I already knew the total- 134 dolls, but it is a whole different thing to see them all together.

By the time I finished making dolls for the year, I’d made-

21 foxes and 7 pugs-

12-31-review - 2

11 Owls and 13 Kitties-

12-31-review - 3

7 Lumberjacks, 6 Mermen, and 32 Tattooed Men-

12-31-review - 412-31-review - 5

7 Babies and 8 Tattooed Ladies-

12-31-review - 7

And 22 Fresh Fish pillows-

12-31-review - 6

In addition, I made 20 Tiny World Pincushions.

12-31-review - 1

I was surprised to see how close I was to last year with only a slightly different mix. Onward into the new year!

4 thoughts on “2017 what-I-made review!

  1. I love your work – it would be hard to even pick a favorite – the foxes are really adorable, but I love foxes anyway. The teacup pincushions are so awesome – such imagination. Just seeing your creations puts a smile on my face. Happy 2018!

  2. You are so dedicated to your craft! It’s a pleasure to watch you sew all year long. Love everything you make, but the animals dressed in clothes are my favorites. Hoping 2018 with be a wonderful year for you in every way.

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