A Big Mermaid Lady

6-18-mermaid - 5

I have been meaning to get back to making big ladies (that link is from 2006!) for a long while but something else always seems to be ahead in line. Finallythey are back on the worktable after some pattern tweeking. But then this lady/mermaid needed to get made and she pushed ahead!

6-18-mermaid - 2

6-18-mermaid - 3

6-18-mermaid - 4

6-18-mermaid - 1

I will definitely be playing with this idea again- I love her! After her though, I’ve got some regular ladies that I am working on. The last time I really made any was around 2010  so yes, it’s been a while. I don’t know why I stopped after making these lovelies.