A Big Mermaid Lady

6-18-mermaid - 5

I have been meaning to get back to making big ladies (that link is from 2006!) for a long while but something else always seems to be ahead in line. Finallythey are back on the worktable after some pattern tweeking. But then this lady/mermaid needed to get made and she pushed ahead!

6-18-mermaid - 2

6-18-mermaid - 3

6-18-mermaid - 4

6-18-mermaid - 1

I will definitely be playing with this idea again- I love her! After her though, I’ve got some regular ladies that I am working on. The last time I really made any was around 2010  so yes, it’s been a while. I don’t know why I stopped after making these lovelies.

Oh-Em-Gee! I finished one!

It is a girl with mermaids!

And, the Heather Ross fabrics are out again.

Back of the pinafore- button and sash.

A double underskirt with ruffles at the hems.

I’m out of practice. I took her outside and took a number of photos, but couldn’t choose the one I liked best. This one shows her hair the most clearly.

I like the pose of this one.

And I like the color contrast on this one.

Any opinions?

This was my studio, mid-afternoon. She was finished but I put her in the window to look at and be sure. There are 2 more girls on the desk, waiting for their dresses.

a different take on a mermaid

This girl is inspired by mermaids but is not a mermaid. There are loads of photos because I love how she came together!

When I was planning a mermaid inspired girl, I thought of doing it with just the colors. Of course it would have been subtle… and who wants subtle? I’ve been obsessing about Heather Ross‘ mermaid fabric (Mendocino)– knowing that I had to find a way to use it in something. So, put it all together and here she is!

She has an angora blend sweater with a little ruffle around the bottom edge. The sweater closes with an orange button.

Underneath she has a pinafore made from 2 of the Mendocino fabrics- seahorses and mermaids.

The back with it’s button closure-

And here is her cashmere underskirt. It also has a ruffled lettuce edge. And an elastic waist with a button closure.

The back view-

And sitting-

mermaids ahead

I’ve had mermaids on my mind for a while now and finally have had time to get to work on them.

One done-

Her bangs are dyed wool locks- I thought they looked very fish/ seaweed/ ocean look.

A little starfish in her head-

Hair back- sweater ribbing-

She has a ruffle fin on her bottom-

More photos on flickr.

Some mermaids that I love- Danita’s, Mariana Massarani’s (she inspired my first set of mermaids), and Amy’s to name a few.