2 Snowy Owls- the snowiest

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 4

I had a request for a snowy owl and I’m getting ready for my owls class tomorrow. Yes, these 2 things go together. I have pulled out all the owl fabrics and I always need to do a refresher when I am going to teach. Result? I have 4 snowy owls to show.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 5

This one is so so soft. Cashmere body, cashmere wings, alpaca tummy.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 6

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 8

This second one is a bit creamier in color and still very soft.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 1

Wool, wool/angora blend, alpaca.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 3

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 2

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 7

2 thoughts on “2 Snowy Owls- the snowiest

  1. I LOVE these handsome guys! Way back in the mid 70’s, when I was in high school (ahem!) I volunteered at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum. One of the naturalists I worked with is now the director of the museum and Norm has done a lot of work with snowys. Here’s more info….”Mass Audubon is working to protect snowy owls, the largest owls in North America. Norman Smith, Director of Mass Audubon’s Blue Hills Trailside Museum, has been studying them since 1981. As part of his research, he attaches bands and transmitters to snowy owls at Logan Airport, and then tracks their travels”. Check out the museum website if you’re curious.

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