2 Snowy Owls

These snowy owls are really hard to photograph- the camera picks up a lot more contrast than there actually is, giving the white and cream some tones that I don’t see on the pieces.

The owl on the left is very white. The wings are very slightly cream. The owl on the right is more of a cream color. All the parts are shades of creamy white.

These outdoor nature shots give a better idea of the colors.

2 Snowy Owls- the snowiest

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 4

I had a request for a snowy owl and I’m getting ready for my owls class tomorrow. Yes, these 2 things go together. I have pulled out all the owl fabrics and I always need to do a refresher when I am going to teach. Result? I have 4 snowy owls to show.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 5

This one is so so soft. Cashmere body, cashmere wings, alpaca tummy.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 6

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 8

This second one is a bit creamier in color and still very soft.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 1

Wool, wool/angora blend, alpaca.

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 3

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 2

10-26-snowyowls 1 2 - 7

and here are some snowier snowy owls

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 6

This one-

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 1

Wool knit sweater body, angora wings and alpaca tummy patch.

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 1 (1)

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 2

This other one-

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 4

Soft wool body and cable knit wings.

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 5

6-30-snowy owl 1314 - 3

If any of these owls inspire you, I have a pattern available here if you are moved to try and make your own. I won’t be adding anything to the Etsy shop now until after I return from my San Francisco show. That should be the 2nd week of August.