a few more lumberjacks this week

I’m back to the men for this week and then owls because of my upcoming class.

Today’s man-

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 4

He has an axe too but I forgot to photograph him with it. Grrr. I am sitting here deciding if I should wait to rephotograph him before posting, which would mean tomorrow, or just get on with it. Guess which one I went with.

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 1

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 2

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 5

He has a little wooden button belt buckle.

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 3

10-15-lumberjack 3 - 6

1 thought on “a few more lumberjacks this week

  1. Mimi, I adore your dolls, especially the male dolls. I’m always looking for dolls to make for little boy children of friends of mine, and these are rare and hard to find. Thank you for sharing your ideas, and for imbuing your dolls with so much personality.

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