Herringbone Dog

I am imagining that this hound dog is a detective in a cozy British mystery- just the kind I like to read.

3-13-dog 2 - 1

3-13-dog 2 - 2

I struggled to get the hat just right- I was aiming for a bowler but this hat is less formal I’d say.

3-13-dog 2 - 3

He has his pipe, his wool jacket, and a velveteen waistcoat/vest. A very kind person recently sent me a great collection of perfect size buttons and I am having great fun using some of them.

3-13-dog 2 - 5

3-13-dog 2 - 6

3-13-dog 2 - 8

And his hat-

3-13-dog 2 - 7

3-13-dog 2 - 4

2 thoughts on “Herringbone Dog

  1. I love your dogs in hats. A hat choice just says so much about one’s personality.

  2. Mimi, don’t you think this dog should be named Sherlock Bones? I love all the new details for the dogs.

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