Blond Girl with Bows

I got sick. Such bad timing because I had a million things on my list that I wanted to get finished before I leave for Washington DC next Monday. Instead I am moving at snail speed and hoping to get my voice back and stop coughing before I have to spend a week away from home. Sometimes life just happens, right?

This little girl got finished and photographed. Twice actually… I mean I thought I was finished, took photos and then decided I was not happy. I worked on her face, gave her new hair, and made some bows. Now I am happy!

4-17-girl 3 - 1

4-17-girl 3 - 2

Someone on my Facebook feed posted a photo of a group of kids and one of them had a cowlick. That is her hair inspiration.

4-17-girl 3 - 4

4-17-girl 3 - 3

4-17-girl 3 - 6

4-17-girl 3 - 5

2 thoughts on “Blond Girl with Bows

  1. I hope you feel better very soon and that the Smithsonian show is a rousing success! I love everything you make!

  2. Sell lots of dolls at the Smithsonian. The blond girl is especially perfect, all the details down to the rickrack are so carefully thought out. She is sweet.
    Hope you feel better soon.

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