A BIG Merman

I had a bit of excitement here- on Saturday afternoon, after I did my last blog post, my aged (2015 MacBook) and beloved computer bit the dust in a rather exciting fashion involving a pixelated screen, a scritching noise that was getting louder, the computer getting very hot, very quickly. I pulled out the charging cable, turned off the computer, but that was the end of that. So sad, I really liked that machine! Anyway, I was off to buy a new computer first thing yesterday. Thank goodness I was mostly all backed up! And now, here I am, typing on my new friend.

This fellow is larger than my typical merman- I was playing with the pattern and not thinking about how changing his tail would affect the size. Anyway, I think he will look amazing in my booth this weekend.

I found these perfect buttons online: I had to buy some.

1 thought on “A BIG Merman

  1. Mimi, so sad about your MacBook, they last a good long time though. Glad you were backed up too. Your merman is quite large and impressive. I like his samurai looking hairdo and his color, love that color.

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