One Big Man for now

I’d started this fellow before my show and finally got him done on the weekend. Then I forgot to take his photos. Yes, it has been a bit chaotic around here.

I love these classical tattoos. They always look good.

We have some twins here!

A BIG Merman

I had a bit of excitement here- on Saturday afternoon, after I did my last blog post, my aged (2015 MacBook) and beloved computer bit the dust in a rather exciting fashion involving a pixelated screen, a scritching noise that was getting louder, the computer getting very hot, very quickly. I pulled out the charging cable, turned off the computer, but that was the end of that. So sad, I really liked that machine! Anyway, I was off to buy a new computer first thing yesterday. Thank goodness I was mostly all backed up! And now, here I am, typing on my new friend.

This fellow is larger than my typical merman- I was playing with the pattern and not thinking about how changing his tail would affect the size. Anyway, I think he will look amazing in my booth this weekend.

I found these perfect buttons online: I had to buy some.

This time, No Skeletons

He is a big man with yellow pants and more classic toile.

Lots of animals, greenery, and a lady on the front,

and a man with a donkey on the back.

I like this new hair fabric I found! And that button came from a tin box that my neighbor gave me.

He is a few little pink spots that come from the dyeing process. Oh well, it’s a true sign of handmade, right?

big Red-haired man

I’ve got a few more fellows on my work table. I am finishing ones that I’d (mostly) stuffed and then put back into the bin. It is always easier to get to work on something that already has a good start.

I think he has kind of a pensive face.

This is such an amazing toile. It was a good sized sample that I found in a vintage store. I am so sorry that I have now used it all up.

Very big, Big Merman

3-5-big merman - 1

Yes, he is a very big fellow. This is a link to another big man merman that I made a while back. You may notice that this new merman has a longer tail. When I cut out the tail pieces, I adjusted the proportions of the tail to match the slimmer guys, not really thinking about how his torso is longer. So he’s ended up about 2 inches longer than any of the other mermen. Oh well!

3-5-big merman - 2

Also, he is made of linen which is a little stretchier when stuffed so that helped him grow.

3-5-big merman - 3

3-5-big merman - 4

3-5-big merman - 5

3-5-big merman - 6

3-5-big merman - 7

I have listed 2 of the other mermen into my etsy shop today but I’m going to hold off on this one. I need to figure out if I’ve got a box that he would fit into for shipping!

Big Man with Skeleton Horseman

Oops, I forgot to post this fellow that I finished up before I went to Providence! I’ve been distracted with the post show clean-up, getting everything listed into my etsy shop, and getting started on new things. Poor guy.

11-19-tattooman 2 - 1

11-19-tattooman 2 - 2

11-19-tattooman 2 - 3

I love this skeleton fabric!

11-19-tattooman 2 - 4

11-19-tattooman 2 - 5

I was planning on focusing on some new animals once I was back from the Providence show- cats, foxes, dogs, but somehow got distracted and I’ve been putting together and sewing up a big pile of men. To explain that further, I had the body parts dyed, cut out, and had most of the head-to-body and hand-to-arm sewing done. I needed to decide and cut out the trousers/tights/pants and shoes/boots, styles and colors. Then sew them up. There are so many steps. Here is my pile so far. These fellows will get finished up over the next year or so.

11-19-tattooman 2 - 1 (1)