This is another “in memory” kitty. Charlie was a Maine Coon cat and I can’t really do justice to their beautiful long hair but I worked with the color instead.

I was given special fabrics for the clothes,

and for the bags.

Tentacle Merman

Some more fantastic fabric! This tail fabric originally had a cream background and I over-dyed it in a bunch of different merman colors. Hopefully you will be seeing some soon!

It also has some metallic print although it is not as obvious as in the other merman.

You can kind of see the metallic here in the dots and the petal shapes.

Here is a close-up of his amazing hair-

He also sold at the show.

Silver-tailed Merman

I might have fallen in love with this fellow.

I am so excited about my new African wax print fabrics. This one glows with metallic silver which I think looks like seaweed.

His hair looks like horns.

He found a new home at the Paradise Arts Festival but hopefully I will get more made before January.

4 more Owls

The show is over but there were somethings that got finished in those last few days that I didn’t have time to post. Here are 4 more owls-

I am busy getting everything into my Etsy shop. Hopefully I will get it all done by tomorrow evening. Busy, busy!