Red-Haired Merman

I have had a few requests for a red-haired merman so I hope whoever wanted one, see this! I’ve gone back through comments and messages but can not find what I am looking for.

He has silver-y green eyes.

Octopus on his chest and arms.

Stitching and belt on rick rack-

And fabric that looks like it would be excellent water-y camouflage for his fins and tail.

Back view of his hair-

A Blue Merman for November

I am planning to work on tattooed people for a while- probably up to the New Year. I have a lot already dyed and sewed up so now I get to focus on the fun part!

First up is some Mermen.

His very light hair didn’t show up very well in the photos. Here is a view from the other side.

Kelp on his chest and arms and a sea glass button. I picked a very dark variegated thread to embroider onto the rick rack- it plays on the dark red-purple and black of the fins..

Outdoor Cat

This kitty is a serious hiker and ready for some cool weather too.

Sweater, hat, vest, backpack: he is prepared.

I won’t be posting again before Thanksgiving since this is the last kitty and next up is Mermen. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe.

White Kitty in a Party Dress

Her dress is made of vintage Liberty lawn that I inherited from my mom.

She is very fancy with her silk bow and cashmere sweater.

Here is a close-up of her purse-

and her sweater. The sweater has antique 3-hole buttons.

I will be putting the 4 kitties into my Etsy shop today. I have one more, but it is pouring rain today so no photos yet.

Throwback to hippie days

This little cat was inspired by some Indian print fabric scraps that my neighbor gave me. They look like bits of clothing and bedspreads that everyone I knew was wearing and using for decor back in the late 60’s/70’s.

Of course no one I knew would have been wearing a cashmere sweater!

She has a purse/bag just like I used to use. I would have made a macrame fringe but it was just too tiny so I settled for knots. Also a cool bead necklace.

She is out in the garden with the only thing left blooming, the alyssum.

Herringbone Kitty

He is out for a long walk with a daypack and a map.

It can be a challenge to get the facial features to show up on a patterned fabric!

He has a lovely soft yellow cashmere sweater under his jacket.

And here is a close-up of his jacket. You can see the snaps under the buttons. Also, his hankie and map.

Close-up of his pack- his notebook, money, and snack.

Off on an adventure!

Fancy Tuxedo Cat

Time for some kitties! This handsome tuxedo cat fellow is all dressed up for a Holiday party. He has a velvet bow tie.

And a fancy black and white wool jacket; with pockets and of course things in the pockets. There is a linen hankie, a notebook, and some other little bits.

Under his jacket he is wearing a bright red plaid vest/waistcoat. It has a pocket for his pocket watch.

Fox girl in a Liberty Dress

Her dress is Liberty of London cotton lawn- lucky her! She is also wearing a cashmere cardigan and a lacy shawl. Do you want to know about the fabrics? When the pandemic started and we were first staying home (not at all unusual for me), I ordered up a bunch of new Liberty fabric (from here) because why not. Retail therapy, presents in the mail and all. The cashmere sweater was cut from a much bigger sweater that had holes in it. Her shawl is from a scrap of lace curtain that I got from my neighbor who is clearing out 45 years of stuff before she sells. She has given me tons of amazing materials. Everything has a story.

You might have heard that we got snow for Halloween- not the kind of Trick or Treat that I like. I am imagining my little fox saying- no no mommy, I don’t want to play in the snow! I am hoping that it will all be melted away by tomorrow- fingers crossed.

Big Night Out Fox

This fine fellow is all ready for a big night out.

Yes, he has a big date tonight!

He is wearing a black wool jacket and a vest underneath. A linen hankie in his pocket and a black bowtie. And of course he is bringing some flowers. Here is his vest with tiny antique glass buttons.

He has a watch so he won’t be late and his wallet in his pocket.

I pinned the flowers onto his sleeve.