the rest of the fish

I’m getting a little tired of all these fish here! Don’t worry, this is the last for now.

I made some purple fish-

And red- purple-

And a short blue-green fish.

Here is a whole pile of fish waiting to get photographed. The weather here has been so balmy and we haven’t even had a frost yet!

Two Green Fish

Happy Halloween! More fish, green ones this time.

The top green fish has a knitted head and tail, cashmere body and fins. The top fin is alpaca.

The bottom fish is all knit wool sweaters. That usually works out fine because knits stretch similarly, but as you can see on this fine fish, they are shaped a little oddly :-)

That is because the fair isle section of the sweater felted up more tightly than any other parts, ie no stretch. When I stuffed this fish, it was like they had a belt on!