Merman for Alexander Henry Fabrics

I was thrilled to be asked to make a merman to promote the Sirenas Del Mar mer-creature contest, sponsored by Alexander Henry Fabrics and Treasures of the Gypsy. Those links will take you to sites with info about the contest. Of course I can never make just one so I’ve been working on four. One of these fellows will make his debut at the Alexander Henry Fabrics Quilt Market booth in Kansas City! The inspiration for this mer-fellow is Japanese samurai.

First fellow-

5-11-merman 1 - 1

He has a Japanese landscape toile. You can see in this back view that he has a back fin.

5-11-merman 1 - 6

His hair is in a samurai/sumo style, tied at the top of his head. It was fun to work on figuring out a new hair style!

5-11-merman 1 - 4

5-11-merman 1 - 5

5-11-merman 1 - 7

His waist and side fins-

5-11-merman 1 - 3

and his tail-

5-11-merman 1 - 2

5-11-merman 1 - 8

More to come!