next bag

I am calling the post “next bag” because it turns out that I already have several posts named “new bag”. I seem to be on a 2 year or so cycle.

This bag was totally worn out. “Make a new bag” has been on my list since the New Year. When it suddenly turned out that I am going to New York, that was the push I needed. Trip = new bag it seems. This is the second bag I’ve made from this fabric- the first one is here.

the inside-

and stuffed-

Part of the problem with making bags on a two year interval is that I can’t really learn from my mistakes. I forget everything I learned in all that time. This time I had a problem with my inside fabric stretching- I’d be sewing along and end up with puckers. Arg! The other problem is the difficulty of finding just the right hardware. I was looking for something in particular but couldn’t find it so ended up cutting my old bag apart and reusing the hardware. Not exactly what I wanted but I need the bag finished for Tuesday. I took it out on a test run and it works just fine!