bird baby 2011

I told you I’d be back to these!

I have several that I’d started back in November and I had to put them aside. Slowly I am hoping to finish them.

Mostly though, I am working on the owl pattern. Have I mentioned how hard it is for me? Whine, whine, whine!! When the pattern is finished I will have a big pile (family?) of finished owls. That’s a good thing anyway.

Now I need to go back to my book about how to use Photoshop and my other book about how to use InDesign. Maybe I’d remember how to do this stuff if I did it more often, ya think?

bird baby 6

I am very much not finished playing with this bird puzzle design. I  have 3 more designed and waiting. Plus a lady doll with a similar motif. But, with the South End Holiday Market next weekend, I need to put those aside and finish up some other projects. So, I am pulling out a lot of partially finished items and getting them ready to go. Be prepared to be inundated with posts in the next few days!

Then, I will do a BIG update to my etsy shop next Monday.

bird baby

I seem to be doing everything possible to not work on my owl pattern, including getting sick for a week. I am still not totally clear-headed. But I have started. And, I did work slowly on some other projects while my energy level was low.

I love how the bird lady came out and wanted to work more with the colors and design. I have a feeling I will be revisiting the interlocking birds again and again.

bird baby-

in this one, the birds are all basically the same size and shape.

bird lady

I love this one.

I redid the face. I should know by now that if I wonder if it is right, it isn’t. The only question is, what to do to fix it. Face-ectomy.

I like her little shoes too.

The red bird fabric and the russet hair fabric are ones that I over-dyed. I always enjoy using them- the uneven color (I am NOT an expert at dyeing!) adds interest for me.