Time for a dog walk

3-19-dog 5 - 1

This fine fellow will walk himself, thank you very much!

3-19-dog 5 - 2

His hat-

3-19-dog 5 - 3

3-19-dog 5 - 5

Close-up of the backpack-

3-19-dog 5 - 4

He has a cashmere sweater and scarf. And he is made of cashmere so he’s very soft. His vest is cotton buffalo plaid and lined in black with antique black glass buttons.

3-19-dog 5 - 7

3-19-dog 5 - 8

3-19-dog 5 - 6

Herringbone Dog

I am imagining that this hound dog is a detective in a cozy British mystery- just the kind I like to read.

3-13-dog 2 - 1

3-13-dog 2 - 2

I struggled to get the hat just right- I was aiming for a bowler but this hat is less formal I’d say.

3-13-dog 2 - 3

He has his pipe, his wool jacket, and a velveteen waistcoat/vest. A very kind person recently sent me a great collection of perfect size buttons and I am having great fun using some of them.

3-13-dog 2 - 5

3-13-dog 2 - 6

3-13-dog 2 - 8

And his hat-

3-13-dog 2 - 7

3-13-dog 2 - 4

French Poodle

I have finally finished one of the dogs! Everything seems to be going so slowly but I’ve got the clothing patterns mostly figured out so hopefully it will speed up from here. I have been having a bit too much fun with the accessories… I spent most of today working on felt hat ideas. Anyway, here he is- a dapper Parisian Poodle, doing his shopping for the day.

3-12-dog 1 - 4

He has a cigarette because of course he smokes.

3-12-dog 1 - 3

He has a blue linen jacket over a cashmere striped sweater. He has a linen bag for his shopping. You can see his baguette peeking out of the bag. His jacket pockets hold a handkerchief and a small notebook.

3-12-dog 1 - 5

3-12-dog 1 - 2

And here is a close-up of all his stuff- the baguette, a cheese wedge, a bottle (wine?), an apple, a salami, a notebook, a handkerchief, a felt hat, a linen shopping bag.

3-12-dog 1 - 1

I wish I had a beautiful Spring background for him but we are not there yet here in Boston.

3-12-dog 1 - 6

This is the first dog I’ve finished that has removable clothing. It is fun to work on figuring out new fashions.

And now it’s March

It is March and I am surrounded by piles. Piles and piles of materials and dolls in progress. I have been benefiting from everyone doing their New Years clear out. I found tons of goodies at the thrift store and several friends have donated beautiful fabrics to my supply pile. Here are the thrift store goodies, deconstructed and washed, waiting to get put away.

3-6-news - 1

I now have a whole pack of dogs waiting to get dressed. Here they are, stuffed and their noses and arms sewed on.

3-6-news - 3

Now with faces-

3-6-news - 4

And finally some are getting dressed. I am having to make all new patterns for their clothing which ends up being time consuming.

3-6-news - 1 (1)

On my desk this morning-

3-6-news - 2 (1)

Piles of fabrics (everywhere!) to audition.

3-6-news - 1 (2)

Besides the dogs, I’ve also cut out and sewed up a lot of kitties.

3-6-news - 2

Kitty pile-

3-6-news - 3 (1)

And foxes-3-6-news - 1 (3)

Both of which will be coming after I get the puppies finished. So busy times around here but no finished pieces yet although soon I hope.


2 Boy Pups

12-8-dog 3 - 1

I’m back from Providence where I had a terrific weekend. (If I have time, I will do a separate post about it.) I tried to do a blog post from there but wasn’t able to and too distracted to try too hard. So here are a few more pieces that got finished before the show. Two boy dogs-

12-8-dog 4 - 1

12-8-dog 3 - 2

12-8-dog 3 - 3

12-8-dog 3 - 4

12-8-dog 4 - 2

12-8-dog 4 - 3

12-8-dog 4 - 4

The dolls are back in the etsy shop, and I am adding the ones that I hadn’t listed yet. It might take a while!

12-9-dog 6 - 1 (1)