Beach pups

Time has been so crazy in 2020. Summer went by so fast. These next 2 pups are about summer fun.

I made them as a couple but they probably won’t stay that way. I will show you all of the ladypup details today. Tomorrow for the manpup.

Here she is in her tropical print shirt and skirt. She has a flowered sunhat and her basket of beach supplies.

A button at the back of her skirt. And here she is with all her stuff-

Mr. Detective Dog

dog detective

I spent quite a while figuring out how to make a deerstalker. Of course that is the fun part!

He has a clean white handkerchief in one pocket and his magnifying glass in the other. There is lots more in his bag.

He has a warm vest under his jacket.

All his things-

Gardening Hound

Have you done any pandemic projects? I have. Mine has been to propagate some plant babies… actually a whole lot of plant babies. I have a tiny forest of myrtle trees that I hope to attempt to train into topiary (eventually) and many many baby streptocarpus plants which will hopefully bloom one day. Then I can figure out which plant I took the cuttings from since I forgot to label them! Anyway, what does that have to do with this gardening dog? When I wanted to see if I could make the baby streptocarpus, I watched a few videos. My favorites were from the UK, some old fellow puttering around in his greenhouse/shed explaining as he went. And here he is in dog form.

He’s got to have a hat because it is cold out in the shed. And a warm (cashmere) fair isle vest under his corduroy jacket.

All his stuff-

A Herringbone Dog

I received a very nice email asking me to reproduce a dog doll that they had bought from Land of Nod. She told me such a nice story about how much they loved it and how the old one had gotten destroyed by a new pup. I explained that it would be similar but not exactly the same and she was okay with that. And, here he is.

5-23-dog - 2

I was lucky because I had all the colors of wool that I needed!

5-23-dog - 4

5-23-dog - 3

5-23-dog - 1

5-23-dog - 5

Garden Lady Dog

3-22-dog 7 - 2

You can tell she is a gardener because she has a gardening hat and a basket ;-)

3-22-dog 7 - 1

And her linen jacket with big pockets.

3-22-dog 7 - 3

3-22-dog 7 - 5

The tiny buttons going up the front of her shirt are only for show. The shirt closes with snaps.

3-22-dog 7 - 6

3-22-dog 7 - 1 (1)

Not much gardening to be done around here yet.

3-22-dog 7 - 4

Time for a dog walk

3-19-dog 5 - 1

This fine fellow will walk himself, thank you very much!

3-19-dog 5 - 2

His hat-

3-19-dog 5 - 3

3-19-dog 5 - 5

Close-up of the backpack-

3-19-dog 5 - 4

He has a cashmere sweater and scarf. And he is made of cashmere so he’s very soft. His vest is cotton buffalo plaid and lined in black with antique black glass buttons.

3-19-dog 5 - 7

3-19-dog 5 - 8

3-19-dog 5 - 6