Summer fish

I am trying to get back into the studio groove after the pattern writing and my trip to west coast Portland. It is great to have projects that are almost entirely finished- I was able to spend half the day working and finished these 5 fish!

7:19:fish 1

7:19:fish 2

7:19:fish 3

I’ll be getting them into my poor neglected Etsy shop soon. Next, finish up some tattooed men and cut out new ones! The hot weather will inspire me to stay in my air-conditioned studio.


finally something 2015!

So, I finally finished something. My work mantra, when I’m feeling discombobulated is, Just Do Something. I was having a hard time listening to myself. Which is not a good thing- I always feel better about everything when I am making. So, Phew!

3 fish-

1:22:fish 1

1:22:fish 3

1:22:fish 2

1:22:fish 4

1:22:fish 5

The first 3 dolls of 2015!