fisherman fox

8:24:fisherman fox 1

This little fellow gave me several chances to solve interesting problems.

I had fun making little felt fish.

8:24:fisherman fox 7

But it was a challenge to figure out how to make them be part of the fox.

8:24:fisherman fox 2

The net bag was the end result of several hours of playing. I ended up knitting it, after trying crochet, netting and basketry techniques involving a variety of books off my shelves.

And the fishing rod. Can you see it clearly enough? I wanted it to be a stick but a real stick would break in a minute.

8:24:fisherman fox 5

So I made one, because that’s what you do, right? It is made of wire and floral tape. The floral tape part involved a walk to my local art/craft supply shop but they didn’t have what I wanted- brown floral tape. I came home, used what I had and tried Sharpie marker- but it didn’t dry properly. The last step was to uncover and use my acrylic paint which haven’t been out for too many years.

I will never get rich doing what I do but I DO have fun! Here is his back view.

8:24:fisherman fox 3

8:24:fisherman fox 4