Inspired by Jasper

This is Jasper and he has been inspiring all these black kitties.

He is such a sweetheart. He is very attached to me so I call him my familiar 🧙‍♀️!

Here is an artsy looking black cat- I am sure this outfit would look amazing on Jasper.

Lots of bright colors on this fellow.

Outdoor Cat

This kitty is a serious hiker and ready for some cool weather too.

Sweater, hat, vest, backpack: he is prepared.

I won’t be posting again before Thanksgiving since this is the last kitty and next up is Mermen. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe.

Herringbone Kitty

He is out for a long walk with a daypack and a map.

It can be a challenge to get the facial features to show up on a patterned fabric!

He has a lovely soft yellow cashmere sweater under his jacket.

And here is a close-up of his jacket. You can see the snaps under the buttons. Also, his hankie and map.

Close-up of his pack- his notebook, money, and snack.

Off on an adventure!

Fancy Tuxedo Cat

Time for some kitties! This handsome tuxedo cat fellow is all dressed up for a Holiday party. He has a velvet bow tie.

And a fancy black and white wool jacket; with pockets and of course things in the pockets. There is a linen hankie, a notebook, and some other little bits.

Under his jacket he is wearing a bright red plaid vest/waistcoat. It has a pocket for his pocket watch.

Cat Boy 1

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (1)

I remember when I was a kid, a flowing scarf like that indicated a Hollywood mogul or a flying ace pilot. This kitty is more on the Hollywood side, I think. Below you can see his fancy vest/waistcoat. The jacket, the vest, and the messenger bag, all have antique buttons. Button <3

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (4)

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (2)

6-12-kitty boy 1 - 1 (3)