studio floor

I’m pretty excited about this!

I bought a big piece of Linoleum and put it down on the floor of my studio. My chair rolls around with no obstructions. WooHoo!

It was a fun weekend. First, the new floor. We had a visit from my SIL and SIL and ate delish Middle Eastern food. On Sunday we went to Craft Boston– the kind of show where they have special tags for artists to label items that cost less than $100. I know, I shouldn’t laugh! In between I played with my wool scraps and colors and made some flags and garlands.

All lined up for sewing-

buntings, or garlands or whatever they are called

I’ve started a carry-around-project bag to stick in my purse. I seem to have a number of appointments lined up on the calendar and I like to have something to work on as I sit in the waiting room. I am cutting out circles.

This is a garland that I made in the first batch, before I went to Renegade Brooklyn. You can see it hanging in my tent, here.

I am trying out some single hue strings- pinks



Which do you like better?

They have 100 dots per strand. That is about 12 feet.

My studio is once again a complete disaster. I’ve got way too many things going on right now. I am cutting and sewing a range of dolls (with the help of Sage) and will then finish them over the course of the Autumn. The result is stuff everywhere, every surface covered, entering the room is a challenge…  but hey! I am getting lots done. I’ll clean it up another day.