Greenman 2.0

What a week, what a crazy time we are living in. I am having a very hard time pulling myself away from the news which isn’t helping my anxiety or getting any work done. I think most of us white ladies are trying to figure out ways we can do better and that, for me at least, has involved a lot of reading, listening (mostly on Twitter), and no chiming in of my opinions. As a result I haven’t been posting on the social medias. #Black Lives Matter. I’ve got some things to show you now so I will try to get things back on track.

I made 2 green men dolls in December. One went off to a new home but the other just sat in my shop and every time I looked at it, I could only think that I didn’t like those eyebrows! So, I changed them. I almost never do that- I can think of maybe 2 other times in all my doll-making years? Anyway, I think he looks much better now and he is back in my shop.

I have mostly been working on Lumberjacks.

I will have a finished one to show tomorrow.

Greenman 2

12-5-greenman 2 - 1

This fellow has much woodsier tattoos. Both of these Greenmen were cut from the same fabric. It is all about choosing which images go where.

12-5-greenman 2 - 2

12-5-greenman 2 - 5

12-5-greenman 2 - 3

12-5-greenman 2 - 4

12-5-greenman 2 - 6

12-5-greenman 2 - 8

Here is the real life, behind-the-scenes, photo-making yesterday. I’ve got to make it work after 3 days of wet and snowy weather! I will put these fellows into my etsy shop later today.

12-5-greenman 2 - 7

Greenman 1

12-4-greenman 1 - 1

This Greenman’s tattoos are of a Stag hunt- maybe not the most appropriate imagery for a nature spirit? Oh well, I am going to imagine that the stag escape and lived to a ripe old age.

12-4-greenman 1 - 2

12-4-greenman 1 - 5

I bought some new variegated threads from Sue Spargo and I am having fun trying them out.

12-4-greenman 1 - 3

12-4-greenman 1 - 4

12-4-greenman 1 - 7

12-4-greenman 1 - 6

12-4-greenman 1 - 8