Eleanor’s birthday blanket

she got it so now I can post photos-

I made a similar blanket for Julian for Christmas. Eleanor said she wanted one too, so I promised one for her birthday- and here it is- only a month or so late! It is made of cashmere knit samples that a friend gave me. (nice to have friends who work at a cashmere knitwear company!)  The edge is  cut-up cashmere sweaters. I put flowers over some little holes, then added more to make it look pretty.

I was inspired to make these blankets by Betz White’s book- Warm Fuzzies. I highly recommend it for all the technical info on working with recycled woollies.

hey, I’m back!

I got sucked into the giant vortex that is Christmas. Now I’m back- phew! I can not wait to get back to work.

Let’s see… since I was here last, we had 2 snowstorms that left us with 17 inches of snow and made driving very exciting, just when I was finally getting around to doing some Christmas shopping. Luckily we live within walking distance of most of the important places- like the grocery store.

The house was full of people and activities. It was great having Eleanor and Julian home. Actually getting Eleanor home was a bit exciting since she arrived in one of those aforementioned snowstorms. Lots of activity centered in the kitchen. The dishwasher was getting a great workout.

The day before Christmas, we went for a family soak in a hot tub in Inman Square. I am hoping it will become a new family tradition. It was wonderful.

Christmas Day was pretty quiet- everyone relaxing.

Then, down to Connecticut for an insanely full day of family and friend visiting. Yesterday, (12/27), Eleanor and Julian left- we miss them already.

Here is one of my handmade presents- a lap blanket, approximately 4 ft x 4 ft. and made out of cashmere knit samples that I got from Jen, one of my Boston Handmade friends. It is now with Julian in Portland, OR.

here is a lighter photo so you can see the details better-

I have at least one more project to show, but it is not finished yet… that is what happens to the loved ones who are at home- their gifts trickle in.