Blue Merman

I’ve been working on all the different stages of mermen. I have a few sewed up and ready to finish. I will post them as I get them done. I also cut out a whole lot of new mermen bodies (and also some other fellows) and I’m in the middle of dyeing them up. Here is the first merman finished-

I am excited about some new African Wax Print fabrics that I bought recently- I think they will make amazing merman tails.

His blue “skin” is a bit mottled but I decided that was fine for a merman. I just love the fish!

Last Doll of the Year

This is the last merman and the last doll of 2021. My etsy shop will be closed for shipped items from 12/21 to 1/1/2022.

This hair fabric has always looked like kelp to me so perfect for a merman’s hair.

He has another one of the bone buttons.

Last Merman, Best Hair

I am very excited about this hair! I am sure I will be playing with this kind of thing some more. This fellow- all around awesome! Let’s start with his hair. Front-

and back-

And his gorgeous tattoos-

A sea glass button and a crocheted belt of variegated threads.