Merman + Vintage Laura Ashley

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 1

I have a seemingly endless store of fabric, spanning so many years of collecting. This merman tail is made of vintage Laura Ashley fabric, circa 1970’s. My sister lived in Montreal in the 70’s and could buy bags of off-cuts which she gifted to me- thanks Tina! I still have some of it in my stash and it shows up every once in a while.

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 2

More hair styling-

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 1

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 4

The button looks like sea glass.

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 5

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 6

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 7

3-4-merman tropical 2 - 9

Merman with Blue Tail

3-2-merman blue tail - 1

This fellows looks like he is from the colder part of the ocean, not the tropics. He is more into the camouflage and limited colors versus the bright tropical colors.

3-2-merman blue tail - 2

I thought he was looking a little too plain so I sewed these antique star beads onto his beard.

3-2-merman blue tail - 3

He also has a fish bead-

3-2-merman blue tail - 4

3-2-merman blue tail - 6

The little fins are the same pattern as his hair but in a different colorway.

3-2-merman blue tail - 8

3-2-merman blue tail - 7

3-2-merman blue tail - 9

Tropical Merman

2-28-merman 3 - 1 (1)

Palm trees and mermen go together, right?

2-28-merman 3 - 2

More fun with merman hair. The color is dark purple/red with black crosshatching.

2-28-merman 3 - 7

2-28-merman 3 - 6

2-28-merman 3 - 3

2-28-merman 3 - 4

Lounging on the sofa-

2-28-merman 3 - 8

And outside.

2-28-merman 3 - 9

I have got more mermen in the pipeline but will be putting these 3 into my etsy shop in the next 24 hours. I will update when they are listed.

edited- They’ve all been claimed. I will have some more next week.

Blue Merman 1

2-27-merman blue 1 - 1

I made a blue merman a long while back (October 2017) and I have wanted to make more but kept being unsatisfied with my blue dyeing attempts. As I described here, I finally approached the dyeing in a more deliberate fashion, found actual color charts and recipes, and this time I got colors that I was happy with. Funny thing about that!

2-27-merman blue 1 - 3

I am having fun with the merman hair- making exaggerated swoops.

2-27-merman blue 1 - 4

2-27-merman blue 1 - 5

I am having the best time with these colors.

2-27-merman blue 1 - 6

2-27-merman blue 1 - 8

A close-up of his hair-

2-27-merman blue 1 - 7

2-27-merman blue 1 - 9

Green Merman

2-26-merman green - 1 (2)

I posted this photo (above) on my Instagram feed a few days ago. I sewed up 10 mermen over the weekend and I am so excited to see who they are! They are very, very colorful- Spring must be in the air. Here is the first fellow that pushed to the front of the line and made himself known.

2-26-merman green - 1 He has swoosh-y hair and a swoosh-y beard…

2-26-merman green - 1 (1)

2-26-merman green - 3

2-26-merman green - 2

2-26-merman green - 4

2-26-merman green - 5

So why green? These fellows are fantasy creatures so they can be any color, right? Also, I like the idea of trying out a range of skin tones. Then I can play with all kinds of crazy hair colors, eye colors. So, I guess it is about keeping it fun.