another princess

This doll went through some big changes before arriving here. I had 2 dolls all planned out to use with the unicorn fabric. I thought I’d picked out colors for the dolls’ bodies that would compliment the fabric. Nothing looked right when I started putting them together though. I was feeling very frustrated by the end of the day yesterday. In a flash of inspiration as I lay in bed last night, I realized that I should take the legs off both dolls and switch them. Then put the finished dress onto this doll and go somewhere else with the other doll. And that is what I did this morning. I finished up all the little details and here she is. Phew- I am happy!

The other girl will probably have a dress made from some of the Liberty fabric I bought in Paris. *Reminder to self- don’t get bogged down or blinded by how I meant it to turn out. Be able to see what is happening and change the plan*

This little princess has a dress made of some more Heather Ross Far, Far Away fabric. Here she is with her other princess friend.

I will be posting these latest girls into my Etsy shop over the weekend. I put a note here when they are up.