bird baby 2

I’ll be overwhelming you with posts after my silence in January. I just finished this second bird baby for my pattern. But, I’m looking back at the January posts and looking at what I have finished and sitting in front of me and I can see that I am way behind! So today- bird baby, inspired by the zillions of sparrows that spend their days in the shrubbery around my house. Sometimes when I go out the door, a cloud of birds takes to the air!

getting back to the needle

I’m trying to get back to some sewing time but it’s been difficult. I have a ton of computer nonsense calling to me. Sigh- the never-ending distraction. But, I have 2 more samples that needed to be finished for the Swaddled Baby pattern so I HAD to go to the studio, right?!

This is the second of 2 Folk Art Baby designs for the pattern.

Last Friday I had some visitors from Sweet Paul Magazine

That was the real incentive for getting the studio all cleaned up. As always, I work well with a deadline! It’s fun to see my studio through the eyes of the photographer. I can’t wait to see the results.

I’m hoping I’ll be back here a lot more this month. I’m also trying to train myself to post more photos on Twitter and Facebook. Winter is so isolating and all the social media becomes more important to make me feel connected. See you soon!

Heather swaddled baby

I’m in the mood to make some more swaddled babies. It has been a year since I’ve done any. I went back and looked at some of my favorites and used one as inspiration for this sweet sleeping baby.

I enjoy the fun of fitting the birds together like a puzzle.

So, I’ve got one done! I’ve got more stuffed and another with the appliques cut out and basted on. But, now I am working on foxes. It is that time of year.

I am making myself frantic getting ready for the Renegade Market in Brooklyn– 2 more weeks!. I probably will not be posting anything else to my Etsy shop until after the show. But, if you are interested in buying something that I post here, just shoot me an email. I am always happy to sell directly.