tattooed lady

Here she is in the sun so you can see her figure (boobs) a little better-

I love this orange fabric. I am going to be very sad when I run out.

She is 20 1/2″ tall. I am trying to finish up a few more dolls this weekend and I hope to get them on Etsy, early next week.

lady with wave hair




Here is a peril of working with reclaimed materials- sometimes, after the artwork is very far along, I find a problem. Since this doll is unlikely to get rough handling (I assume), I didn’t think it was toss worthy and so I made a little mend.



The next lady is on my desk. The computer is too and that is not a typical sight in my studio. I try to keep the computer out because it is so distracting. But, I am working away on my kitty pattern, getting very close finishing. So, there it is.


Tattoo lady #3

This third one- she has freckles-


I over-dye all the toile to make the skin tones and then dye some plain fabric and hope they match. I am not very good at it, but I have a great time. This fabric ended up with tiny red dots and they give her a freckly look.


I love her shape. Playing with the variety of lady shapes has been great fun.


I made a skirt, or maybe you’d call it a tutu, for my Tattoo lady #2-


And, I gave her fingers.

This is how I sign my dolls, in case you wanted to know-


It is a little tag made of shrink plastic.

Here are the three ladies, relaxing at the dumpster next door-


I like this photo because you can see my new lady’s little busom.

I’ll be getting out the dye pot

A tattooed lady-





I’m playing with some ideas and that means time to dye more toile. I have enough scraps to do some experiments and tests, but… Sometimes playing with the little bits means wasting a huge amount of time figuring out how to make the idea work with what I’ve got instead of figuring out the best design. Luckily, I’ve been collecting  toile, so the first challenge of any tattoo person project is checked off. I’m working on these ideas while trying to write the kitty pattern. We shall see if this keeps me sane or makes me crazy!