Blue Boots

I’m back, the show behind me, and I am going to take it slow for a while. I never finished posting the last dolls. So, here we go, 3 more fellows.

8-10-man 1 - 1

8-10-man 1 - 4

8-10-man 1 - 2

8-10-man 1 - 3

8-10-man 1 - 1 (1)

The show was not the best so I have lots of dolls to post into my etsy shop, once my boxes get home. On the positive side, it was great to leave the hot and humid Northeast and spend some time in a cool climate. I will post more about the show in a few days.

Big Man in Stripes

And a cow!

7-16-man 5 - 1

Traditional toiles can be so much fun to work with. I love finding the details and making them the focal point of one of my people. We had a sofa with toile slipcovers when I was a kid. I remember my mom pointing out the scenes but all I saw was a mass of red and white. I think I was visually overwhelmed.

7-16-man 5 - 2

7-16-man 5 - 3

7-16-man 5 - 4

7-16-man 5 - 5

Man in a Kilt

4-14-tattooman 3 - 1

This fellow is made from some over-dyed Laura Ashley fabric that I have had in my stash since the 70’s. Yes, it’s true, I never throw anything away. When I was last sorting through the fabric drawers and came across it, I realized it would make good medieval-looking tattoos.

4-14-tattooman 3 - 2

4-14-tattooman 3 - 3

4-14-tattooman 3 - 4

4-14-tattooman 3 - 5

We had a few days of Spring this week. It makes one hopeful.

4-14-tattooman 3 - 1 (1)

last minute man

I finished this fellow on Wednesday night before the show, took his photos on Thursday morning, we took the subway down to the show together, and he found a new home on Friday morning!

12-18-tattoo man - 1

12-18-tattoo man - 2

12-18-tattoo man - 3

12-18-tattoo man - 4

12-18-tattoo man - 5

CraftBoston was excellent- my best show ever! I will post some booth pics in a few days. I still have a lot of things available and I am working hard today to get them into my etsy shop. If I ship by Wednesday, package should certainly arrive (in US) by Christmas.

Celestial Tattoos

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 1

It is always exciting for me when I find a new fabric to use for tattoos. Especially if it is very different but still hopefully gets the tattoo idea across. This fabric had prints of vintage-looking celestial maps.

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 2

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 4

I love how the planetary orbital path looks like an extra set of eyes.

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 3

12-5-celestial tattoo man - 5